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Catalogue of production: .Rectifiyer RCA-63-36-4.

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Аналогичные товары/услуги:

943-255 Charging device Sonar 201
943-256 Charging device for accumulator batteries SONAR CD 201M
943-66 Charging-discharging device CD-20A-24V
943-67 Charging-discharging device CD-20A-24V
943-69 Charging-discharging device CD-75A-80V
943-70 Charging-discharging device CD-20A-24V
943-71 Charging -dischring device CD-20A-60A
943-72 Charging-discharging device CD-50A-50V
943-73 Charging-discharging device CD-50A-80V
943-74 Charging-discharging device CD-110A-110V
943-77 Starting device SD-12/24V-1000A
943-78 STARTING DEVICE SD -12/24V-1000A
943-79 Starting device SD-2100A-70V
943-80 Starting-charging-discharging device DSCD-315/25A-24V
943-81 Universal charging-starting device UCSD-M-12/24-15
943-82 Charging-starting device DCSU-C-12-15
943-83 Universal charging-starting device DCSU-M-12/24-15
943-259 Charging device for accumulator batteries Sonar CD 207.03P with charging current adjustment
943-85 Charging-launching device DCLD-S
943-86 Launchingcharging device CD-1M
943-88 Charging-starting-welding device DLCW
943-89 Charging-discharging-launching device DLCD-24V-315/25A
943-90 Launching-charging welding device DLCW-500SE
943-91 Launching device "CEDAR 350A"
943-92 Launching device CD-1L
943-93 Launching device LCD/LCD-M
943-95 Startingcharging device SCD-600
943-96 Charging-starting device RCD-50-24 "SURA"
943-97 Modular rectifier RAST 800-20
943-98 Car engine starting device with builtin accumulator CDE 3
943-99 Aimed launcher for starting car engines AL-2M
943-100 Starter rectifier RAST 800-12
943-101 Modular rectifier RAST 800-24
943-105 Starter rectifier like RAST 800-12/24 EM
943-103 Universal starting device "Start-01"
943-106 Strating device E-312
943-107 Rectifier R-TPPD-315-28.5
943-108 Rectifier R-TPED-250-28.8
943-109 Portable starting device "Harpoon"-Mini
943-110 Starter rectifier of the kind RAST 1200-12 EM
943-111 Universal garage aimed launcher "Harpoon"-Midi
943-116 Automatic charging device T1010A
943-117 Automatic charging device T1010
943-118 Automatic charging device T1010
943-119 Charging device APCD-12/30
943-120 Charging device APCD-12/30-M
943-122 Charging-rectifying household device CD-A-12-6.3-UHZL3.1"Kulon"
943-123 Charging device RSA-5K-CD
943-125 Charging device CD-1A
943-129 CHARGING DEVICE CD-110A-110V
943-131 Charging-discharging device 3C-50A-80V
943-133 Charging-discharing device 3R-20A-60V
943-134 Startingcharging diagnostic device T-1003P
943-135 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1013P
943-136 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1012A
943-137 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1014P 12V
943-138 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1014P 24V
943-139 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1010 12V
943-140 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1010 24 V
943-141 Starting-charging-diagnostic device T-1020 6V
943-142 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1020 12V
943-143 Startingcharging-diagnostic device T-1020 24V
943-144 Starting-charging device SCD-6
943-145 Automated charging device ACD-N
943-148 Charging-starting device RACU-380/260-40/80 UHL4-1
943-149 Charging-starting device RACD-380/260-40/80 UHLA4-2
943-150 Accumulator rectifier multifunctional RACP-380/260-40/80 UHL4-3
943-152 Rectifiyer RCA-63-28
943-165 Charging device T-1001A(reverse)
943-166 Charging device T-1003
943-257 Charging device for accumulator batteries SONAR CD 201P
943-258 Charging device for accumualtor batteries Sonar CD 207.01
943-260 Charging davice for accumulator batteries Sonar 205.01
943-261 Charging device professional for accumulator batteries with voltage 12V Sonar DC 208
943-262 Charging device Sonar BL-205-12 AC-DC 220/12V 15W
943-263 Charging device Sonar BL-205-9
943-264 Charging-starting device Wagan 9796
943-265 Charging device Striver PW150
943-266 Charging device Striver PW160
943-267 Charging device Striver PW260
943-268 Charging device Striver PW265
943-269 Charging device Striver PW270
943-270 Charging device PW320
943-271 Charging device Striver PW415
943-272 Portable accumulator Wagan 2045
943-273 Starting-charging device Striver PW700
943-275 Charging device CD-2-3
943-276 Charging device CD-2-6
943-308 Rectifying charging units RASC-1-40
943-309 Rectifying charging units RASC-1-40M
943-310 Rectifying charging units of RASC-2-40-2i kind
943-311 Rectifying unit for charging of the kind RASC-6.5-370
943-341 Charging-initiator device CID-C-12-6.3/100 DHL3.1"Onar"
943-314 Startin-charging device BLUEWELD STARTRONIC 500
943-315 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD STARTRONIC 300
943-316 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD Polar 12
943-317 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLAR 14
943-318 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLAR 15
943-319 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLARTRONIC 12
943-320 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLARBOOST 24
943-321 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLARTRONIC 25 BOOST
943-322 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLARBOOST 100
943-323 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLARBOOST 100
943-324 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD POLARBOOST 140
943-325 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD TEST 48/2 PROF
943-326 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD IMPERIAL 150 START
943-327 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD IMPERIAL 220 START
943-328 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD IMPERIAL 220 START
943-329 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD MAJOR 220 START
943-330 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD 320 START
943-332 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD MAJOR 520 START
943-333 Starting-charging BLUEWELD MAJOR 620 START
943-334 Startingcharging device BLUEWELD MAJOR 650 START
943-335 Starting-charging device BLUEWELD MAJOR 1000 START
943-336 Starting-charging engine BLUEWELD 1500 START
943-337 Starting device BlueWeld Speed start 1000
943-338 Starting device BlueWeld Speed start 1500
943-339 Startingcharging device Cedar-350A
943-340 Startingcharging device Cedar-650
943-342 Charging-initiator device CID-C-12-10/100DHL3.1"Onar-M"
943-344 Charging universal RCU "Ghiguli" RCU-12
943-345 Charging universal RCU "Ghiguli" RCU-12
943-346 Charging univesal RCU "ZHIGULI"RCU-12
943-351 Charging device Kulon-105
943-352 Charging device Kulon-205
943-353 Charging device Kulon-215
943-354 Charging device Mean Well SP-300
943-355 Charging device Mean Well SP-500
943-356 Charging device Mean Well PSP-500
943-408 Charging device ARTON-02
943-419 Impulse automatic charging device "CD-3001"
943-420 Pulse automatic charging device CD-3000
943-421 Charging device CD-55A
943-422 Charging device CD-75
943-423 Charging device CD-75M2
943-424 Charging device CD-90
943-425 Charging device CD-75M
943-426 Charging-additional charging device CACD-10
943-427 Charging device "Sunrise - 2M"
943-428 Charging device "Sunrise-2"
943-440 Charging-discharging convertor CDP-150/5
943-441 Charging set SCS-100-80
943-450 Starting-charging converter Amer.683.151
943-452 Charging set CSO-1-20-21
943-453 Charging set CSO-2-20-31
943-454 Charging set CSO-4-20-31
943-455 Charging-unloading automatic device
943-460 Charging device"Tornado"
943-996 Universal small-sized converter
943-2698 Catalogue 2007 "Devices for a charge of accumulators"
943-3164 Charging-launching device ПЗУ-900

Rectifiyer RCA-63-36-4

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Phone/Fax: +7(831) 2786072, 2786073, 2786450, 2786423, +79202539079  

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Rectifiyer RCA-63-36-4
Rectifiyer RCA-63-36-4 is used for charging all kinds of accumulator batteries with rated voltage 6 V, 12 V, 24 V in motortransport and similar factories.
Rectifiyer RCA-63-36-4 is a complete and updated analogue of automatic charging device ACD-N
Four independent channels of the device with maximum output current 10, 20, 30 and 60 A allow to charge AB with different rated voltage and capacity, of different purpose - from motorcycle, car to tracks and other vehicles with maximum efficiency, using channels in most effective way, according to their voltage. Total rated capacity, simultaneously charged batteries for rated voltage 12 V, is 2400 A p/h; for rated voltage 24 V - 1200 A p/h (e.g. the number simultaneously charged AB like 6ST60 -40 ps).
Quality and charge fullfilment with simultaneous reduction of labour content of AB maintenance is achieved due to charging process automatization
Additional functional abilities of the device:
- possibility of charging current or charging voltage stabilization;
- current parameters indication, which suffer stabilization ( current or voltage);
Fast-acting protection from polarity reversal, idle running and random short circuit.
Technical characteristics
Power line - threephase 380/220 V, 50 Hz
Number of independent channels 4
Range of smooth adjustment of output voltage of each channel, V 2...36
range of smooth adjustment of output current, A:
- 1st channel
- 2d channel
- 3d channel
- 4th channel
from 2 to 60
from 2 to 30
from 1 to 20
from 0.5 to 10
Current or voltage instability of corresponding modes, % not more than 2
Fast-acting protection from current overflow installation,% from rated 30
Functional temperatures range, C from-40 to 40
Dimensions, mm 900x430x630
Weight, kg not more than 106
Garanty period, 3 years

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